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Girls and wine

Girls and wine

How much knowledge can we acquire in a day? Today, in addition to laughter and fun, we learned a lot about the process of wine and other products.

February 10, 2020

As soon as we arrived at the first winery: La Caroyense, they gave us a warm welcome. They told us that the winery is the largest in Córdoba. At the time (1930) it had an immense production of wine but sadly, due to economic problems and other factors, this was reduced to 10%. They took us to the distillery room where the grapa is made (a highly alcoholic drink that performs a similar process to tequila's).

After explaining the story and show us each stage of production, we went to the tasting room where they waited for us with music, sparkling wines and Argentine alfajores. They all loved it and at the end of the visit they took a reserve wine as a gift: Malbec - Tannat.

Very happy with the experience, we went to Terra Camiare, the other winery. They were impressed by the change in structure and machinery in a good way: the best of both worlds. In this place, we were able to enter the vineyard and taste each grape: Malbec, Ancellota, Frambua, among others. The best part was the tasting. They taught us how professionals do to taste oak but we laughed a lot in the attempt.

Such a fun day!

Girls, it was a pleasure to meeting you and I hope to see you back!

Maggie Benedetto


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