San Luis


The Province of San Luis features perfect geographical traits for tourism, not only to observe but also to enjoy various recreational and adventure activities that have multiplied in the last few decades.

A countless number of small settlements and villages have been established all along its north-eastern border and chosen this mountain range as their place in the world. At this location, the Comechingones Mountain Range and the area known as Valle de Conlara make up the ideal scene for the City of Merlo to be one of the most popularly visited destinations in Argentina at all seasons.

The City of San Luis, capital to the province, is located in the center region. A mountain range, dams, hot springs and salt deposits co-exist in this area, creating a great diversity of incredible scenes in the outskirts. Sites like El Trapiche, Villa del Dique, La Florida, Potrero de los Funes and its singular car racing track, La Carolina and its old gold mine, as well as other sites of historical value, such as Inti Huasi, deserve a stop during any journey.


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