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Wine and Beer Afternoon!

Wine and Beer Afternoon!

It was 3.30 pm when we left for the winerys. La Caroyense is the name of the first one, acquired by the name of the city Colonia Caroya.

February 7, 2020

Something very important to note is that the main owners of the winery were of Friulan origin, so the facade of the place is almost identical to that of that of a church in Udine (Italy).

On the tour we not only learned about the process of wine but also how Grappa is made: a drink similar to Tequila with a high alcohol content.

At the end of the tour we wanted to entertain our guests so we offered them a snack and tasting of sparkling wines apart from the tasting of young and reserve wines.

Very happy and eager to know more, we set off for the second winery: Terra Camiare.

We arrived and started the tour in the vineyards. The customers were happy because they tasted the different grapes, with one bunch each!

We couldn't get past the barrels and the bottlers because they were just producing.

When we went to the tasting room, we tasted all the wines including their new star: Ovum Cabernet Frank. They loved all the wines they tasted!

Once the winery tour was over, the customers went to a Jesus Maria bar for a few beers as the afternoon ended.

They returned to the lodge happy to start their return to their country.


Tina Meyer

Travel and Leisure Department

Pointer Outfitters


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