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Discover Iguazu Falls

Discover Iguazu Falls

If you come to Argentina you have to see a waterfall that is the biggest in the world and much more impressive than Nicaragua. It is called Iguazú – a Guaraní word meaning “big water” – and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

December 30, 2019

Created by a volcanic explosion, the waterfall is made up of more than 250 smaller falls and is so large that it spills over two countries, Argentina and Brazil, onto a cliff in a large free fall at the height of a 24-story building.


One of the most enjoyable excursions is the boat trips on both the Argentine and Brazilian sides. It consists of a boat that takes you for a ride around the falls and "baptizes" you by soaking you with a little water that falls from it. That is why we recommend that if you wish to do this excursion you take a change of extra dry clothes and a waterproof cover for your cell phone. Do not worry that you can choose a quiet walk if you do not want to get wet.


Once in Iguazu, you'll have a choice. You can access two thirds of the falls from the Argentine side or you can cross to Brazil for the rest, in that case you will need a Brazilian visa to enter. One of the reasons why it is worth going to the Brazilian side is that Brazil allows you to get close to the most famous section: the Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat), a great confluence of three massive falls.


If you wish to extend the trip a little, you can go to Wanda Mines, a former Polish colony and home to a family amethyst mine. Another option is the Parque de Aves, a private bird park near the falls on the Brazilian side.


The best time to go is during the full moon in spring or fall. When the moon is full, you can book a night walk to La Garganta del Diablo, because the moon that lights up the vast falls is really a sight to behold. There is an old legend about the falls, in which a god fell in love with a beautiful young girl named Naipí. Completely in love, the god visited her parents in the form of a child to ask for her hand in marriage, and they accepted his offer. But it turns out that Naipí was already in love with someone else, a mortal named Tarobá. One that the god discovered, he was furious. When the two lovers tried to escape from him by boat on the Parana River, he cut him in half, creating the falls. How is that dramatic? Once you see the falls, you will find it appropriate: they are quite dramatic.


Come with us to discover Iguazu Falls, we promise you will not be disappointed.



Tina Meyer

Travel and Leisure Department

Pointer Outfitters


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