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Festival Nacional de Doma y Folklore

Festival Nacional de Doma y Folklore

The end of the year is approaching and in some Argentine provinces the national folklore and popular music festivities that will take place in early 2020 are already beginning to beat. Of all of them, perhaps the most traditional is the "Festival Nacional de Doma y Folklore" in Jesus María.

December 12, 2019

On Friday, with the public TV broadcast, the 55th edition of the popular festival of Cordoba was announced, which will take place from January 9th to 20th next year.

The announcement was led by the president of the Organizing Directive Commission of the Festival, Nicolás Tottis.

Some of the artists who will be at Jesús María 2020 participated in the launch event. Among them, El Chaqueño Palavecino, Los Carabajal, Roxana Carabajal, Los Cuatro de Córdoba, Forever Tucu, the La Bruja Salguero and Martín Paz. There were also payers and dance groups.

Throughout the conference the field activity that attracts the greatest interest of the public will have 90 rides per night "National and International Rider Championship" and 6 special rides "Jinetes de la Patria Championship".

From January 9th, the traditional riders and tropillas will be accompanied by a large grid of shows: Jorge Rojas, Ulises Bueno, Luciano Pereyra, Los Tekis, Abel Pintos, Soledad and Damas Gratis will go through the stage of the José Hernández Amphitheater.

Maia Sasovsky and Cordovan Christian Bazán, made a special broadcast of "Argentina Baila" with the live music of two groups that were revelation at the Festival: Cabales e Indios de Ahora.

Nicolás Tottis said that "the Festival of Jesus Maria, year after year, invests a lot in infrastructure so that visitors can enjoy that experience that is proposed every year."

Then, he anticipated that the new edition will give “much relevance to the new generations”. He highlighted the "magic" of the Festival for its solidarity profile and the fact that the whole society participates in its organization. In addition, he referred to the influence of culture that is expressed in the Festivals and the impact it has on tourism and work.

Meanwhile, the mayors of the three cities in the region - Jesús María, Colonia Caroya and Sinsacate - highlighted the mobilization that takes place in the city of Cordoba during the Festival and the importance of working together.


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