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The arrival of the Jesuits in Cordoba

The arrival of the Jesuits in Cordoba

It was in 1540 that the first Jesuits came to America. Before that, there were different orders developing missions and reservations among natives.

June 23, 2019

Thanks to Don Juan III of Portugal the Society of Jesus (also known as Jesuit Order) arrived in West Indies (Brasil) and founded the first Jesuit province. In 1566 there were three other missions. The first went to Mexico; the second mission went to the area of Cuzco and the last one went to Paraguay, and in 1585 the fourth province was created. In 1589 they arrived in Cordoba and in 1599, due to the population ?s spiritual needs, they settled down in the province and created the Novitiate and the University of Cordoba.   


   In the province the Spanish Royalty quarreled with the Jesuits and decided to cut the economic resources that were given to them. Consequently, six estancias (rural establishments with scarce agricultural production) were purchased and refurbished completely. These buildings together with big pieces of lands were used to support the educational system the Order had. 


   Caroya, Jesús María, Santa Catalina, Alta Gracia, La Candelaria y San Ignacio were the names given to the estancias which had mainly a productive nature. Nowadays, most of them have cultural functions. 

   On this opportunity, Estancia Jesus María was visited after a winery tour and a delicious lunch with a local taste. 


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