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Walking Through Cordoba Streets

Walking Through Cordoba Streets

Gothic architecture amazes even its inhabitants...

May 20, 2019


As soon as we got to the city, I told them about the places we would go and they looked very excited.


One of the places that most caught their attention was the church of the Capuchins.


In 1911, the first Capuchin missionaries arrived in the city of Córdoba, distinguished by the use of hoods or capes. At first, they lived in small houses and attended in the parish of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. Its construction began in 1926 and was completed in 1934 and began to be known by residents of the neighborhood as the Church of the Capuchins.


The original name of the Church is "Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus." The name refers to the devotion of the physical heart of Jesus, wich is a symbol of divine love, belongs to the Franciscan Order and was chosen as the First Artificial Wonder of the City.


The architect who was responsible for the design of the church was Augusto Ferrari who did his work in a neo-Gothic style learned in Europe. The entrance to the Church of the Sacred Heart is decorated with statues of Moses and John the Baptist. On the right side, one can observe, the truncated tower that represents the matter that dies. On the left side the other 70 meter tower represents the soul that ascends.


While we appreciated this place, I related its architecture to the world of wine. Are you wondering why?


When we stop swirling the glass to aerate the wine, we can observe the density of the drops. In the United States and Argentina they are called legs or tears respectively. In Germany, however, they are known as Gothic windows because of the similarities with this architecture.


For lunch we went to the restaurant "La Mamma" and each one ordered different dishes accompanied by an excellent Mendoza wine: Séptima Obra Malbec. 


While we enjoyed our food, Monique and Mary told me how grateful they were with the tour and that it was totally different to what they expected (in a good way).


Ladies, I hope to see you again!!


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