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Sunday with a Close-knit Family

Sunday with a Close-knit Family

It was sunday morning and rainy in the city of Cordoba but it didn't stop the Hancock family from having a great day touring and getting to know the Argentinian culture.

November 18, 2011

While the men of the family were hunting with Pointer staff, the ladies went downtown to see the touristic attractions that call the attention of hundreds of visitors every day.


The drivers stopped at San Martin Square, here we walked to the General San Martin´s statue. It was explained that San Martin is regarded as the national hero of Argentina and Perú and one of the Liberators of Spanish South America. Right next to the Square we saw see the Cathedral, a building impresses from the outside as well as from the inside. 


We also visited the residential buildings which were used as a clandestine detention center during the dictatorship and now as cultural center and museums.


It is said that when traveling, one has to do what locals do and choose the food they choose. For that reason, the five ladies decided to have cord stuffed canelones after I, the tour guide, recommended it and it was delicious. We had lunch in Alcorta restaurant which was next to our following attraction. Remember that Cordoba city is a crowded place but everything is closed by.


The Buen Pastor is a cultural center where you can buy handcrafts or have a bite in cafés. It was a women's prison until 2007 but the Government decided it was not the right place in the middle of downtown so it was taken somewhere else. The Capuchinos church is a picturesque place to see for its gothic style and amount of statues.


Ferreyra Palace was the home of a famous surgeon and his family; it has now become an art gallery that shows not only Argentinian pieces of art but also European. The building has a basement and 3 floors and each one shows a different style or age of art.


The tour was almost at its end when Holly commented that there is a temple they wanted to visit outside of downtown. The temple of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was in a beautiful area with an awesome garden and a nice building.


Our day of tour finished, however, we didn't say bye but see you soon because on the following day we had arranged a wine tour around Jesus Maria and Colonia Caroya.


Thank you for a great day and hope you had fun! 


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