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Cordoba a Destination for the Whole Family

Cordoba a Destination for the Whole Family

Cordoba has become the perfect destination not only for hunters but also for their wives and kids. Pointer offers the possibility to take the family to the field for one or two days and then entertain them with all the different activities prepared for people of all ages to have a unique experience.

August 15, 2018


On this opportunity, Bryan Bulloch came to Argentina with his wife and 3 other couples. They stayed in Nawan resort which has in a convenient location for hunters but mostly for those who come to know Argentina and its culture. On the first day, the ladies went to the field. What they mostly liked was to be out in the countryside and share a moment with their beloved ones. Of course that they fell in love with the Argentinian "asado" or barbecue, who wouldn´t?

On the second day, the ladies asked for 2 cars to visit the city of Jesus Maria which is 10 minutes from the resort. This is a small and picturesque city where local people walk everywhere to do the groceries or to the bank. On the same afternoon, they had a good time while they received a massage.

The hostesses, who go to the lodge every night to make sure everything is ok, commented to the group that they could all do the city tour. The ladies signed for the tour and I arranged to pick them up at 9:30 am.

As we generally do, we stopped at the longest treed avenue where we took some pictures. We then headed to Cordoba city and our first stop was The Capuccinos church in Cordoba downtown. We then crossed the street to learn about the ex-women's jail which is now a cultural center. Opposite to it, there is a Starbuck where we had something to drink before continuing our tour.  I suggested visiting Evita Art Gallery which is housed in the Ferreyra Palace. The palace faces Sarmiento Park which is day after day visited by hundreds of students who sit to share our traditional “mate”.

It was now lunch time and as the day was warm we decided to sit outside of Italy restaurant. A wide variety of dishes can be chosen and some of us had salad and the rest, pasta. They had a list of places they wanted to visit and one of them was the flea market in Guemes neighborhood. It was weekday so there was no flea market at that time but we visit this bohemian area and walked where on weekends the local craftsman displays their art.

All the places the ladies suggested were visited. It was time to go to the San Martin Square where the Cathedral in the Jesuit block is. Around the Square there were sellers with beautiful scarves, we bought them all hahaha. We also bought some jewelry with our national stone “rodocrosita” and visited the souvenir store “El Turistologo” and Arandú.

When it was time to go back, the ladies were really grateful. We all enjoyed that day a lot and you are always welcome to come back.

Arriving at the resort, I prepared “mate” for everyone to try. It wasn't very attractive to all of them however they won´t say they were in Argentina without trying “mate”. Remember that “mate” is our traditional tea which we share in social meeting. 

Berenice Silberbeib 

Tour guide and interpreter 

Travel with Pointer 


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