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Last Minute Tour

Last Minute Tour

A day in Jesus Maria and Colonia Caoya

September 5, 2018

I met Chris, Don, Jeff (also called "the boss") and Craig while I was hosting them at the Jesus Maria Deluxe Resort.



They were interested in taking a day off their hunt and explore the surroundings so a city tour to Jesus Maria and Colonia Caroya it's an amazing plan.

We started the tour at 9 am, we visited The Doma and Folklore stadium, a place where Argentinian cowboys (called gauchos), a horses rodeo and traditional Argentinian music and dances take place for 10 days in January every year. This festival was born in 1965 as a fundraising event for elementary schools. We bought typical souvenirs in the stadium and we had a lot of fun trying hats, ponchos and other traditional clothes.

We walked around looking for a specific Argentinian soccer team T-Shirt that Chris and Don wanted. We also visited the Jesuit Museum, where rests of the first winery in the area are located. After that, we continued along the main street of Colonia Caroya, a street full of Platanosplanted by the first immigrants of town. Visiting the Caroyense Winery, in Colonia Caoya, was an amazing experience!

The guide of the winery kindly explained to us every detail of the history and how they make wines nowadays. Before leaving we were given a tasting of the highest quality products of the winery!


We jumped into our vehicle and continued the way to the second winery, Terra Camiare, which is different to what we had seen so far.
This winery has the latest technology. There we could see the grapes crops, and how they take care of the vineyards. You could smell the scent of wine from the main door of the winery.

We tasted 3 different wines: their flavor and texture were out of this world! What´s more? Each one received a bottle of wine as a gift! After this, they were really hungry and I suggested having lunch at a traditional Italian Restaurant. At the end of the day, we were ready to go back to the lodge.

They were really happy about doing something different during their stay in Argentina!

Mariana Aldecoa
Jesus Maria, Cordoba
August, 2018 


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