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Polo Class with Pointer

Polo Class with Pointer

Polo, Golf, ATV riding, paragliding, horseback riding, city tour are some of the activities hunters can choose from when they come to Argentina.

August 18, 2018

Clay, Sam and Hance apart from hunting with Pointer Outfitters decided they wanted to experience an Argentinian Polo class. After having a lot of fun in the field, they were ready to take a morning off and learn other activity for which Argentinians are famous. 

People might think we, Argentinians, know only about soccer, however,  according to The World Polo Tour (WPT), the best, current Top 5 polo players hail from Argentina! In addition to creating the world’s greatest polo players, Argentina is also recognized for breeding polo horses for export abroad. It truly is the greatest reserve for polo talent the world-over; no other country has had so much success and held so many records!

Their adventure started at 9:30 am after having breakfast at the lodge. Thomas, the fourth in their group, was not very keen on polo so he wanted to hunt. He joined a group that went to the field that day. Everything worked perfectly! 

Alejandra, who runs the estancia where polo classes are delivered, picked up the three brave men from Agua de las Piedras Lodge. They told me how excited they were about it and they also commented that it was going to be their first exposure to polo, even though they had ridden horses before. 

I met them in the estancia located in Totoral town, fifteen minutes from the lodge. They had arrived a few minutes before me when Pablo, the coach, was introduced to them. When I saw them, they were practicing hitting the ball but without horses. 

At that time, they might have thought it was a piece of cake. On the contrary, they laughed a lot trying with no luck to hit the ball from the back of the horses. 

Those horses were just huge, I thought. By everyone´s surprise, as minutes passed, they did better and better. They even played a two against two game and when one of the teams scored, me, Alejandra, her husband, and a few workers shouted as if we were watching the World Polo Championship. 

Thanks to our cameraman, Emiliano, we have great pictures and videos of that day. 

The class came to an end but there was a lot more to learn and enjoy. We visited a cabin where polo players stay and have a good time when they visit the estancia. We were then invited to sit and have what we call “picada” (cheese and salami from an Italian colony, Colonia Caroya) with a very good homemade bread and of course, a beer. 

To finish the day, we went to a small storing room made of mud and wood brought by Alejandra´s husband himself from the other side of Cordoba. We could appreciate a great piece of art, used are a sit, made of cow´s hip bones and a sofa of sheepskin. This couple was very creative. It was time to go to the lodge to have lunch to then head the field to hunt. 

Clay, Sam and Hance agreed that it was completely worthy to give up a morning of hunting to live this great adventure of a Polo Class in Argentina. 

Thanks for choosing Travel with Pointer for your non-hunting activities! 

Berenice Silberbeib
Travel and Leisure Department 
Pointer Outfitters


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