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Deb and Kath´s Experience

Deb and Kath´s Experience

New day, new opportunity to live a memorable experience

July 13, 2018

   Deb and Kath stayed at La Loma Lodge for five days; They hunted doves for two days with their husbands and on the third day they decided to do something different. The hostess who had dinner with the couples on the previous night commented on the options and they agreed on doing the winery La Caroyense and a city tour to the city of Cordoba. On this opportunity, the tour started after Juan Cruz picked them up from the lodge and me from the office. 

The Platano Trees 

    La Caroyense Winery is located in Colonia Caroya Town, an Italian colony founded in 1876. Along with this small town, there is a 10,3 kilometers tree avenue. Platano trees of 103 years make this avenue one of the most important and famous of the country. The plantation was built with a horticultural irrigation system without which the trees wouldn't have been able to grow due to the soil been dry. The view was so impressive that we stopped to take pictures. 

La Caroyense Winery 

   The winery was our next stop where Miguel, the tour guide and native of the town, told us about the beginnings of the factory and vineyard. Miguel told us that during the first ten years of production, the winery produced 16 million liters of wine; however, nowadays due to climate conditions, economic situation and demand only 2 million liters are produced yearly. Even though it was quite early to have a drink, we didn't want to miss the opportunity to give a try to this wine. We tried the traditional red wine, white wine, and premium reserve wine, all of which were really good. 

Nice Company; Delicious Lunch 

   We then headed to Cordoba and when we got there we decided to have lunch before starting the tour. Deb invited Juan Cruz to join us for lunch and he gladly did. As he was driving, Deb joked about him drinking water not beer or wine. The waiter at Alcorta restaurant received us warmly and offered us the menu full of options. I had a delicious lamb from Patagonia and the ladies chose to have ribs. Juan Cruz commented that he always eats asados or barbacoas in the field so he wanted some pasta. 

Historical Site of the City

   At 2 pm we were ready to go to the Cappuchinos church and Buen Pastor cultural center and ex women's jail. Deb and Kath liked the magnificent building from the outside. It wasn't possible to see it from the inside since there were builders repairing it. In my opinion, The Cathedral, which was then visited, is the most beautiful church from the inside and the Cappuchinos from the outside. Juan Cruz took us to the San Martin Square; luckily The Cathedral was open so we got into it to appreciate every detail of the art  spread through all the church. Paintings in the ceiling, sculptures, mosaics, and the architecture perfectly illustrate how talented and gifted artists were at those times. 


Souvenir Shop 

   At a walking distance are El Turistologo and Arandu store, which are souvenir and leather stores. I showed Deb and Kath the Rodocrosita stone, our national stone. They found it very pretty and cheap. 

Before heading the lodge Deb had the idea to buy a coffee to go and I recommended my favorite café in town, Festo. 

   Deb and Kath made my day very enjoyable and even though I won't see them before they leave, I hope to see them again. 


   Thanks to both of you 


Berenice Silberbeib 

Hostess and Tour Guide 

Travel and Leisure Department 



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