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Córdoba's Hidden Gems: A Historical Tour for the Curious

Córdoba's Hidden Gems: A Historical Tour for the Curious

Take a peek at a city tour of the amazing Cordoba by our amazing guide, Camila.

September 14, 2023

"The day started at the meeting point, located in Córdoba's historical neighborhood.

We got to know each other while heading to our first stop, talking about our day ahead and planning together according to everyone's wishes and expectations.

First, we visited the historical main park, the wonderful Cathedral, the old government house with it's unique crypts and the Jesuitic Square, where we got to tour around the misterious city underneath Córdoba and even enjoy a lavish traditional Argentinian meal inside a crypt that dates back to the 1600s

Then, we toured Nueva Cordoba and Güemes, two iconic neighborhoods filled with little bars, rooftops, parks, fairs and astonishing mansions turned into museums.

Walking around the city can be pretty tiring, so don't forget to bring comfortable shoes, a bottle of water, and plenty of stories to share"

- Camila (tour guide)


Our tour guides have true passion about showing you the best details of this city, so get ready for the most unbelievable, funny and entertaining stories about Córdoba's famous figures and traditions

You cannot miss the opportunity to experience either cordobesians hospitality, friendliness and kindness, nor their mate, cerveza and Fernet!


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