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Luxury Apartment: Scott Hortin's Point of View

Luxury Apartment: Scott Hortin's Point of View

Enjoy Scott Hortin's point of view at a stay in our Luxury Apartment. He enjoyed our new penthouse for 3 days on July, 2023 and here's what he had to say!

September 1, 2023

Hi Team,


I wanted to start off by saying the apartment is amazing. I loved Buenos Aires way more than I thought I would and it is probably my favorite place I have ever traveled to in my life. The city is so vibrant with so much history and energy that I didnt want to leave and go to Cordoba.  

My whole group thought the lodge was perfect. The bedrooms were set up so well that each one felt like a little oasis away from the group. The bathrooms were so nice with towels that you could tell were new and so fluffy. The beds were so nice and pillows were great for everyone. Usually in places the beds take some getting used to but they were so nice. All the newly branded pillow cases, towels, robes and blankets were all a great touch. 

For the main areas we had so much fun sitting around in a group playing games on the huge coffee table. The couches were great for the group and we had enough space for everyone. The bar goes without saying was great and we enjoyed ourselves trying some new drink types, gins, rums and everything else. The dining table was big enough for everyone and the staff did a great job getting us everything. The huge porch was perfect for a cigar and drink at night. 

The food in the lodge was so good and Marcelo did a great job cooking for the group. It was so nice having a cooked to order breakfast each day and the lunches/dinners we had at the lodge left us all so happy. 


The itinerary that was put together for our trip made it so we could see the whole city without having to put any work ourselves into planning. The city tour guide we had was so knowledgeable and knew exactly what she wanted to show us. Some of group thought we were booked a little bit heavy on like museums but I liked it.[...] 

Thank you so much to all the team that helped us on our trip and it made it a truly unforgettable experience.

Scott H.


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