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Cordoba wineries that make a difference

Cordoba wineries that make a difference

To spend a day through the vineyards and the wineries of Colonia Caroya is the best option to enjoy wine in Cordoba.

January 27, 2023

Our first stop was “Terra Camiare” at 3:00 pm.

When we arrived, they were waiting for us with glasses of wine to drink during the tour, it was fantastic!

The visit was private with a guide, and we started talking about the origins of the winery, which I personally found very interesting because of the history of the place and the production of the wine. 

The winery, especially the vineyards, are the best. We went in grape season, so they let us try different varieties of grapes in the vineyards as we continued to walk around the property.

To finalize the tour, we went to the wine tasting room, if you ask me, the best room of any winery!

The next Stop was “La Caroyense “At 5:00pm 

As soon as we arrive, the visit begins telling us everything about the place. It’s a private visit with a guide as well. 

La Caroyense has a different type of wine from the classic, they tell us about the production of the Caroyense and why are they so unique. You can tell how professional the wine is. 

After the guided visit, they let you try different kinds of wines and share a delicious charcuterie board (also known as “picada”), We ate it very well and we had a moment to talk with everyone, good wine and great food, very typical of Argentina.

Usually, this tour last 4 hours and you can do it in the morning and the afternoon. I recommend doing it in the afternoon, it was amazing. 

I’m sure you will spend a wonderful unforgettable day, visiting wineries and enjoying the scenery of Cordoba Province


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