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The Siller family

The Siller family

Traveling with family

June 29, 2018

27th June 2018

On this opportunity, the tour started at 11 am when the family was picked up by Juan Cruz, the driver. They left the lodge at around 11:10 am with their suitcases ready to continue their trip to Mendoza after spending the day in Cordoba city.

We arranged to meet at the San Martin Square and there I was waiting for them. It was Wednesday so the Square was visited by school children who were also touring. Gary, Sandy, Alex, and Chance stepped out of the truck and directly to the Cathedral Church. The family didn’t expect to see such a magnificent building. Gary asked if the paintings were actually painted on the ceiling or if they were sticked there. He couldn’t imagine how hard it was for artists to work at height.

Secondly, I shared the history of the square and the Jesuit Block. The square was called the dry square since at its beginning it was only a piece of land where all the ceremonies and festivals were held. Next to the cathedral, it is the Cabildo building, the government meeting place which was started in 1588. We also got near the San Martin Statue.

An hour later, we went to Arandu which is a store visited by tourists since you can buy leather stuff such as hats, bags, silver knives and more. Chance liked everything and bought a nice belt made of Argentinian leather. They asked me what those strange cups with straws were and I explained that they were mate cups, our traditional drink similar to tea that we have on social occasions.  

Walking the city is the best way to get to know it so we decided to walk to the restaurant instead of being driven. This time we had lunch at Italy restaurant. As the weather was nice, we sat on a terrace. Salmon, steak and sorrentinos were the dishes chosen.  

Italy restaurant is just a block away from the Buen Pastor cultural center and ex-women’s prison. The tour continued as we walked to these incredible attractions. It was now time to visit the Cappuchinos Church and the cultural center where bands play while young people have a bite and a beer.

We had a few minutes before the family left to go to the airport so we decided to go to the shopping mall to buy Argentinian jerseys for the soccer match: Argentina vs France. The Siller family wasn’t going back to the States but to Mendoza. They had the opportunity to live the soccer world cup in the country that most like soccer: Argentina. Chance had already decided that he was going to watch the match in a bar in the city. I am sure he had a great time he will never forget it.

The driver picked them up from the shopping mall and to the airport. It wasn’t time to say goodbye but see you soon.

Thanks, Siller family

Berenice Silberbeib

Host and tour guide
Travel and Leisure Department 
Pointer Outfitters




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