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Wine tour in Jesus Maria

Wine tour in Jesus Maria

Get to know the wineries in our city!

May 13, 2022

We arrived at the first winery, called Terra Camiare, and Mariana the Guide was waiting for us. She gave us a brief introduction to the history of the winery and we proceeded to visit the vineyard. Although the harvest (Vendimia) had already happened, there were some grapes left and the clients were able to taste them. They loved being able to taste the grapes directly from the vineyard. They learned about the different strains and how different the plants are according to their age.

We left the vineyard and went to the production part. The guide told us about the different types of vessels they have and the capacity of the cellar. The part that amazed him the most was the part with the ovoid vessels.

We ended up tasting 4 wines, all reserve and high-end, very happy to be able to taste the wine that went through the ovoid vessels.

In the second winery, called, La Caroyense, the guide (Mateo) explained to us the complex history of the building, and the changes that production had since its inception. We got to know all the areas that it has, from grape reception to aging in oak barrels, the bottling line and the museum sector in old underground pools.

We finish tasting 4 wines in an exclusive room, and we accompany the tasting with a traditional Argentinian snack”Picada”. They really liked being able to taste wine made with the traditional grapes of the area.



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