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Argentina Should Be Your Winter Destination

Argentina Should Be Your Winter Destination

Switzerland might be the first destination that comes to mind with winter sports, but here's why you should also consider Argentina's 'Alps' instead.

February 10, 2022

Chances are when looking for amazing winter destinations, most travelers' minds will naturally wander to the European Alps rather than South America... But here's why that's a mistake: Though South America is a continent where tropical climate reigns for most of its extension, it also happens to be the closest place in the world to the icy continent of Antarctica.

That is to say, when it gets cold in the south of South America, it gets cold. And local populations, like that of Argentina, know just how to enjoy the chilly season to the max! So next time, when looking for winter leisure, snowy landscapes, ski lodges, and hearty winter cuisine, consider skipping over Switzerland's alpine landscapes and go for Argentina instead!

A Unique Winter Destination

Argentina is a place with an especially charming outlook that can make for a one-of-a-kind winter destination, offering beautiful wintry landscapes, monumental glaciers, snowy mountains perfect for winter sports, evergreen subtropical forests, and a bit of wine, tango, and parilla to warm the cold nights.

When To Go?

The seasons are always switched between the northern and southern hemispheres, so don't go looking for Argentinian winter in December! The weather gets cold from late June to late September in Argentina, most places are nearly guaranteed to have snow around mid-July. That is the best time period to book a winter vacation to Argentina!

Winter Sports To Get The Most Out Of The Argentinian Winter

Argentina has many ski stations and lodgings, and opportunities to enjoy everything the winter season has to offer. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, skating, trekking, and thrills galore!

Cerro Catedral, Bariloche: Winter sports are the jewel of winter vacationing in Bariloche, as Cerro Castor ski track extends for over 100 km, with 31 tracks for all levels, from newbies to seasoned skiers.

Cerro Otto, Bariloche: Perfect for kids and beginners, Cerro Otto is closest to Bariloche’s downtown and meant for easier, less extreme winter fun like ski tubing and sledding.

Cerro Castor, Ushuaia: Skiing at the End of the World - now that’s not something you do every day. Cerro Castor is the southernmost ski and snowboarding station in the world and also has the longest ski season, operating from June to October.

Las Leñas, Mendoza: Near the wine city, Las Leñas is one of the biggest and main ski stations in Argentina, right in the midst of the Andes mountain chain, with 29 tracks.

Where To Go?

Argentina’s charm becomes even more delightful in the winter, and a trip to cosmopolitan Buenos Aires or gorgeous Córdoba can be even better in the chilly winter months… but there are a couple of places in the country that offer winter experiences that make them climb up places on travelers destination lists.


There’s just something about a cold winter's day that makes a good wine that much more delicious. With medium temperatures of 0ºC to 10ºC from July to September, Mendoza makes for the perfect cozy winter destination. Its landscape is surrounded by the Andes mountains - in fact, in the Aconcagua Park, named after the Aconcagua Mount, the highest peak in the world outside of Asia. The mountains turn white and snowy in the winter, a contrast to the more arid flora of the vineyards that take up most of the region.


Bariloche is located in the Río Negro Province, at the foot of the Cordillera de Los Andes, right beside Chile. Winter sports at Cerro Catedral is the main winter attraction, as are the cozy ski lodgings.

Perfect for sports lovers and thrill-seekers, Bariloche has ample opportunity for trekking, mountaineering, and kayaking - surrounded by lakes and holding the beautiful Nahuel Huapi National Park and the Cerro Tronador lake, beautiful natural activities are everywhere. For a night out in the charming downtown, Bariloche offers a unique and inventive food scene, craft beer, and chocolate tasting.

El Calafate

Looking for icy landscapes and glaciers but isn’t ready to commit to Antarctic tourism? Argentina is your next best bet, and El Calafate has glaciers, ice seas, and the most amazing icescapes in the South Atlantic.

No one can leave El Calafate without checking out the amazing glacier and ice formations. The icebergs at Rios de Hielo, watching the Lago Argentino ice wall or walking by the glaciers at Perito Moreno. Nowhere short of the poles can give such an image!

The Hoya Del Chingue is a smaller ski station, but very worth checking out in El Calafate, with lots of wine, beer, and asado by the fire to defrost in the evenings.



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