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What new experiences can be lived in the Cordoba mountains

What new experiences can be lived in the Cordoba mountains

Observe the stars, photograph the flight of the condors, walk along the bank of a stream, stay in a vineyard. The province seduces with great plans to spend vacations outdoors, in close contact with nature.

January 6, 2022

The province of Córdoba has many invitation letters. Those who go in search of rest and recreation know that they have it insured in any of the towns in its valleys. In the same way, those who are looking for adventure tourism will have hundreds of activities, from a simple trekking to paragliding flights. Everyone will find their best formula to spend the holidays, in any of its corridors.

Astrotourism is on the rise in Córdoba and this time of year is irresistible to go stargazing in clear, silver skies. Sleeping in a "thousand star hotel" is one of the options. It involves spending a night on the Cerro Champaquí, called the roof of Córdoba, with a height of 2790 meters. It starts from Yacanto de Calamuchita, a transfer by vehicle takes you to Cerro Linderos (on the edge of the Sierras Grandes). There, backpacks are prepared and a 40-minute walk of low difficulty begins, up to the summit of Champaquí, where the night is spent under the stars. Between traveling talks, the constellations and stars are recognized. Dawn is another awaited moment that is fully experienced from the top of the hill.

At the foot of the Sierras Grandes, another similar proposal. A walk through the San Miguel ravine that takes five hours, guided by specialists in astrotourism. "It is a great opportunity for all those who live in cities because it allows them to regain the amazement for the sky that has always been part of the life of humanity," say the hosts.

In Capilla del Monte, a refuge with accommodation on Cerro Uritorco, located on the east face, invites you to contemplate, in conditions of complete darkness, its starry sky, which obtained, according to the province, the first certificate in the country for astrotourism granted by the International Starlight Foundation, dependent on Astrophysics of the Canary Islands. This title recognizes the space for an excellent quality of sky.

Hiking is one of the most entertaining and low-difficulty activities for sightseeing in Córdoba. Its typical mountain ranges, with valleys, rivers and lakes invite you to be in contact with nature and take long walks. Followers of this practice know that magnificent landscapes are only accessible on foot.

The province offers a calendar of activities on this widespread activity, with outings of varying degrees of difficulty. In Nono, located in Traslasierra, a path that borders a stream awaits, the total route of which takes about 3 and a half hours. The sound of the water and the song of the birds enliven the refreshing, low-difficulty path. In Calamuchita Reservoir there is a short and very entertaining trail to do as a family: the La Cueva de las Brujas reservoir, which is done with a guide. The path is stony, wet, you go along the shore of a lake, you cross a stream and you climb a hill with good views of the mountains.

In La Cumbrecita, the crystal hill is one of the most attractive points for a short trek. Many come interested in the panoramic views, and many more for the quartz crystal rocks that it houses.

Along with trekking, they tempt excursions related to the sighting of flora and fauna. A one-of-a-kind excursion is the Quebrada del Condorito National Park. The condor nests in this place where it can take advantage of the thermal currents that are generated between the rocky walls to spread its large wings. The best places to observe them are the North Balcony and the South Balcony.

Wine lovers can also have a date in Córdoba. The culture of the vine is practiced in its valleys, where increasingly higher quality wines are born. Each region has its flavor due to the diversity of soils. There are vineyards in the north of the province, in the Sierras Chicas, Traslasierra, Calamuchita and Punilla. Among the strains, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Isabella stand out. In total there are 18 establishments that receive tastings and paired lunches. Some of these offer accommodation.

The alternatives seem endless, if the idea is to program a circuit jumping from region to region. A very curious one, invites you to visit the historic hotels. This initiative seeks to revalue the Cordoba hotel tradition and rediscover those buildings where tourism began in the province.



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