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Caspalá, the Jujuy town chosen among the best in the world

Caspalá, the Jujuy town chosen among the best in the world

It was recognized by the UNWTO in the framework of the global initiative “Best Tourism Villages”; I got to know this town which is an example of rural tourism.

December 9, 2021

Caspalá, a town of 300 inhabitants located in the province of Jujuy, was distinguished during the 24th General Assembly held in Madrid, Spain, within the framework of the “Best Tourism Villages” contest. The award recognizes 44 towns from 32 countries that are notable examples of rural tourism destinations with cultural and natural values ??that preserve and promote rural and community products and lifestyles.

"This important recognition fills us with joy. We continue working to promote the development of territories and communities based on their natural values, with respect for the sociocultural authenticity, the traditional values ??of each region, its biodiversity and its natural environments," he said. the Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, Matías Lammens. "We are very happy to be able to show the world our customs and our cultural, ancestral and millenary heritage," added Natividad Paz, municipal commissioner of the town.

Caspalá is located in the department of Valle Grande, 10 kilometers west of Santa Ana and 240 from San Salvador de Jujuy. It is at 3,100 meters above sea level and has mountainous relief.

"This recognition will allow them to obtain the Best Tourism Villages Seal, participate in the Best Tourism Villages Improvement Program and become part of the Best Tourism Villages Network", highlighted the Ministry of Tourism, through a statement.

Rural Community Tourism Jujuy defines this town as a "town of charm, ancient customs and colorful shawls". "Beautiful and adorned with colored ribbons and embroidered shawls, Caspalá awaits us to share unforgettable days with the warmth of its people," he adds.

Among its main attractions is La Iglesia Santa Rosa de Lima, a chapel built in the 1840s by Don Tomás Coronel. Its bronze bells were brought from Peru, as was the image of the town's patron, every August 30 Caspalá celebrates its patronal feast.

It has a typical puna climate: warm by day and cold at night, with a harsh winter and rainfall during the summer. The best time of year to travel is from April to December, since the rainfall that occurs between January and March prevents access to some roads.

In Caspalá there are obligatory circuits: the Antigüito, with its ancient constructions of mud and stones, and the Old Town, both archaeological sites of great value.

From this magical town you can make a journey visiting the imposing Inca Trail and Serranía de Hornocal.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports articulated with all the provinces of the country so that they participate in the proposal. Localities that meet a maximum of 15 thousand inhabitants were presented, located in landscapes linked to agriculture, forestry, livestock or fishing and that share the values ??and lifestyle of the community.

At the time of awarding the award, UNWTO evaluated parameters such as natural and cultural resources, tourism potential and development, and their integration into the value chain. health and safety, governance and prioritization of tourism, infrastructure and connectivity, and economic, social and environmental sustainability, among others.



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