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10 cultural must-see activities in Buenos Aires

10 cultural must-see activities in Buenos Aires

Discover different artistic manifestations of the city and enjoy its wide range.

October 26, 2021

1. Dance tango: The traditional music invites you to share an evening with sensual and nostalgic movements as a couple. There are classes, milongas and there is the Zelaya passage, a unique street with the DNA of Carlos Gardel. There is even a World Cup every year!

2. Have coffee in a tipical Buenos Aires Bar: Frequented by great personalities or scenes of literary activities, more than 80 bars in the city preserve a typical Buenos Aires custom. Playful neighborhood or thematic, each bar has its own characteristics.

3. Go to a museum: Between the Museum of Latin American Art and the Museum of Fine Arts there is a distance of a few blocks. The same happens with the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Modern Art. With 160 options, choose the one you like the most.

4. Go to a theater: The Teatro Colón is famous for its architecture and its acoustics, but it is not the only one in the city. On the contrary. There are more than 300 theaters between the official, commercial and theater-off circuit. On Corrientes Avenue there are plenty of options every day and at any time. It is for a reason that it is known as the street that never sleeps ...

5. Discover fashion and design: International events and emerging designers set trends in the region. Recoleta is characterized by luxury, the Palermo Soho area is one of the most visited and signature shops are beginning to appear in neighboring neighborhoods. Where would you like to go?

6. Admire the architecture: The city is a complex coexistence of styles between the colonial, the neoclassical and the art deco, among others. The passing of the years and the different populations left their mark. The result? The current spectacular eclecticism.  

7. Get to know the cinema, literature and music: The cultural industries are in a moment of development. The traditional style, independent art, large events and some emblematic personalities are part of this Buenos Aires boom.

8. Visit art galleries: The modern art of Arroyo Street, the San Telmo underground circuit, the contemporary art of Palermo and the colors of La Boca give a general brushstroke of these redoubts with the most autochthonous of Buenos Aires.

9. Buy crafts: Each neighborhood has its own outlets. The crafts can be original, traditional or contemporary.

10. Listen to the street art: The walls talk and you have to pay attention to them. Each one has its reason for being. The grays of the city were transformed into impressive murals, both in the neighborhoods of houses and in the factories.


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