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Unknown destinations in Argentina to discover

Unknown destinations in Argentina to discover

Argentina is a country that has a universe of landscapes for all tastes. However, many people travel to the most popular destinations. Today we bring you a special to travel through our country and discover 16 little-known destinations in Argentina that are worth it.

August 27, 2021

Villa Pehuenia, Neuquén

Imagine walking in a village out of a story, a village surrounded by mountains with mirrored lakes and picturesque cabins. In the trip along Route 40 we did an Off Road we entered Villa Pehuenia and it was one of the best decisions. It is a destination that makes you fall in love, without a doubt, one of the best little-known destinations in Argentina and with which I start this mega guide to travel around the country.

Villa Pehuenia is located 310 km from its capital city in the direction of the Andes Mountains, bordering the Chilean city of Icalma. To get to Villa Pehuenia (if not with your own car) you have to travel to Neuquén and rent a car or by bus from Buenos Aires or Neuquén.

Villa Pehuenia can be visited all year round, offering activities for all tastes. From Canopy, Trekking or Kayaking to winter sports at the Batea Mahuida Volcano, a ski center managed entirely by the Mapuche Puel Community. It is recommended to  take a walk through the lakes and lagoons: The union of the Aluminé and Moquehue lakes form a tourist walk called "Cinco Lagunas - Quechu Lafquen", one postcard after another.

Los Antiguos, Santa Cruz

I came to Los Antiguos from El Chaltén. It is a journey of almost 12 hours by bus on Route 40 that reminds us of how inhospitable and desolate Patagonia really is. Los Antiguos, however, appears as a green oasis in the middle of the desert, on the shores of the gigantic Lake Buenos Aires and minutes from the border with Chile. The town is small and, since it claims to be "the national cherry capital," it has worked to position itself as a tourist destination. However, it remains a mystery to many.

My excuse for visiting Los Antiguos, one of the many non-traditional destinations in Argentina, was to visit the Cueva de las Manos. Of course I did (and I recommend it to everyone) but, to my surprise, it turned out that there was much more to do in Los Antiguos: trekking, cycling, viewpoints, visiting ranches, discovering canyons, walking on a salt flat, and getting lost. in a place called «Land of colors» that, until then, I did not imagine finding in Santa Cruz. And after all that, ending the day eating the tastiest cherries I've ever tasted was the best part.

In Los Antiguos I was lucky to meet several people who are working hard to turn this corner of Santa Cruz into the tourist destination that it has the potential to be. There are many projects underway that, if realized, I have no doubt that they will attract thousands of travelers to this unknown corner of Argentina.

Lago del Desierto, Santa Cruz

The Lago del Desierto was one of those corners of the country that took my breath away as soon as I arrived and was able to take a quick look. Patagonia itself is dazzling landscapes. One more shocking than the other. But it is not only the natural beauty that makes visiting this place important, but also the history of those lands that were the subject of a border conflict between Chile and Argentina in the last century.

What can you do? There are several trails to go. One takes you to the bordering landmark N ° 62 (it is 5 hours of trekking). There is also a path that takes you to the Huemul lagoon that is fed by the Glacier of the same name and that you will have in front of you, a few meters away. To do this trail you must pay an entrance fee to a private campsite.

There are also boat rides on the lake and even a service that crosses the Lago del Desierto and O’higgins on the Chilean side.

How to get there? Leaving from El Chaltén you have to travel 37 kilometers of Provincial Route No. 41.

Cabo Vírgenes, Santa Cruz

I don't know if you have ever seen and heard penguins in their natural habitat. It has always been one of my dreams, and in this beautiful part of the country we were able to make it come true.

Yes, Cabo Vírgenes is one of Marta's favorite corners of Argentina, from Furgo en route. In this case, what makes this place attractive only occurs from September to April, and is the massive arrival of the small and friendly Magellanic penguin.

In this penguin colony, around 120,000 pairs of Magellan penguins gather, arriving at the beginning of September. During the summer each pair lays 2 eggs. Penguins are first born with feathers, and within a few weeks they begin to lose them to prepare their skin to launch into the sea. When winter begins to appear in this area of ​​southern Argentina, the penguins continue their nomadic life to the north, in search of a better climate.

Leaving from Río Gallegos, the journey to get to the Cabo Vírgenes penguin colony is along a dirt and stone road that is just after Chimen Aiken. They are about 130 km of gravel in a trip that takes around 3-4 hours at a leisurely pace. But the place is really worth it. For animal lovers, this is a must see. And if you never heard the voice of the penguins, you are sure to be amazed like us!

In the area there is also the Hacienda Monte Dinero, where you can make a stop to eat and sleep in a typical hacienda of the place. And of course, it is also very interesting to visit the mythical lighthouse of Cabo Vírgenes, from where the mythical route 40 Argentina begins.




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