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Time magazine chose Mendoza as one of the 100 best destinations in the world

Time magazine chose Mendoza as one of the 100 best destinations in the world

For the third time, the renowned Time magazine published which are the 100 best places in the world in 2021. Among the destinations or sites selected there are from wide alternatives such as Antarctica, to large cities or even neighborhoods. Mendoza managed to enter the list.

July 26, 2021

Although the text clarifies that perhaps not all are in a position to be visited because of the pandemic, it invites you to visit them through photos and descriptions of their greatest attractions.

To define the list, Time requested nominations of places from its international network of correspondents and collaborators. The eye was placed on those who offer new experiences and knew how to innovate in the face of the complications that the covid-19 marked for tourism.

“Mendoza is a quiet agricultural province in Argentina where wine flows and cookouts are a must. In the surrounding wine region (the most famous in the country) ... ”, you can read in the magazine and highlights Casa de Uco Vineyards & Wine Resort. "It sits next to its own lagoon and offers an epic traditional barbecue, in the vineyards."

Other of the mentioned establishments is La Central Vermutería, recently inaugurated. “The classic tradition of the vermouth bar (vermouth on tap, small plates, pleasant atmosphere) of Buenos Aires matters,” they explain.

The article highlights the gastronomy that the province offers and mentions the Ramos Generales restaurant, one of the nine run by the renowned Argentine chef Francis Mallmann, and Gaia.

"A local chef prepares six-course meals with ingredients from the restaurant's organic garden."

Finally, the prestigious magazine advises its readers to take home made cutlery as souvenirs and be inspired at home by the flavors of Mendoza.

Other destinations

From Latin America they managed to enter several places. Among them is La Paz, Mexico.

“Epic encounters with marine life are the main attraction of La Paz and its surroundings; these are the waters that Jacques Cousteau referred to as 'the world's aquarium', and there are many boat trips to choose from” says the magazine.

Quito was also selected among the best places in the world. "The impressive capital of Ecuador is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its Colonial Center is full of examples of architecture and design from the 16th to the 18th centuries."

José Ignacio, Uruguay; Hidden port, Mexico; the Patagonia National Park, Chile; Costa Rica and the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia are the other destinations recognized by Time.

Antarctica was the chosen continent. In addition to her traditional natural beauty, this year two special events will put her in the eyes of the world.

On December 4 a solar eclipse will leave it totally dark for minutes. Several cruise lines are offering special expeditions. The next similar effect will occur on December 15, 2039.

Notable European sites include Cannes and Paris in France, Coimbra in Portugal, Bath and Edinburgh in the UK, and Madrid in Spain, among others.

From Asia, Osaka and Tokyo were recognized in Japan; Phu Quoc, Vietnam and Siem Raep, Cambodia.


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