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What to do in Mendoza

What to do in Mendoza

Mendoza has countless places to visit, in this note we stop in San Martín to tell you everything you can do.

June 16, 2021

Whoever thinks of Mendoza inevitably thinks about wine and if you think about this drink the word is Malbec. In the second place, in red wines, it is slowly positioning Bonarda as the second star varietal of Mendoza. And to reinforce that idea in the department of San Martin, the Bonarda Argentino Wine Temple has been erected for some time. A circular building that resembles a gigantic barrel. Your function? Be the center of tastings of winemakers in the region.

This space, located in the heart of Agnesi Park, more precisely at kilometer 1026 of the old RP 50, is integrated with comfortable armchairs and capacity for 180 people. It has an excellent acoustics, body of toilets, gastronomic service sector and an underground cellar, suitable for business meetings, business rounds and product presentation among many other activities related to event tourism, cultural or oenological. The Bonarda Temple also hosts the classical music concerts along the Wine Roads and social tastings.

The complex draws attention for its dimensions, architectural delineation and surroundings. It is located between a forest of aguaribay, cortaderas, centenary eucalyptus and water sources inside and outside. The visitor will be shocked by the waterfalls illuminated over the windows of the Center, an area with Bonarda plantations in its three modalities: backdrops, low vines and vines with drip irrigation.

What to do in San Martin

Bodega Pecne Te , “Mother Earth” in the language of the native Huarpes who populated that region of Mendoza, is the name of the brand chosen by the producers and which intends to pay tribute to that town to remind us that Pecne Te products are ultimately the fruits of our Mother Earth. Its Bonarda wines are balanced and original. The color is bright and ruby red. Smelling them smells of red fruit are detected. Medium bodied, its mouth is flexible with round tannins that leave a slight impression of roundness not devoid of freshness and a beautiful persistence of taste. The winery is at kilometer 1022 of RP 50 and kilometer 989 of RN 7.

In addition to tasting the wines of the winery, the municipality has excursions with specialized oenology guides to learn about the properties, techniques, irrigation systems, pruning and harvesting of the world of wine, and at the end a formal tasting where indications are given for a correct tasting.

Since El Talerito is in what is called in Nueva California, on Talabera Street. It is an educational farm with option of overnight, special to spend the afternoon in contact with nature. As in all establishments of this type owns cows, poultry and also horses, for horseback riding. For the boys there is an activity related to giving the baby to the little kids.


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