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Rock art in Cerro Colorado

Rock art in Cerro Colorado

This small town in Cordoba owns Atahaulpa Yupanki's house and rock art, and shares it for anyone who wants to visit it.

June 14, 2021

Cerro Colorado is a unique place in the province of Córdoba and in the country and is located 160 km north of the city of Córdoba Capital. It is the scenario in which the native peoples of Córdoba conceived the transcendence of their work, where they elaborated their myths and developed their lives.

The Comechingones and Sanavirones captured the history of their people through drawings that are still preserved on the walls of the legendary Cerro Colorado. In addition, this town was chosen by renowned singer-songwriter Atahualpa Yupanqui to live. The house in which he lived currently functions as a Museum.

In addition, another of the important attractions that the commune Cerro Colorado has is its Natural and Cultural Reserve. This legendary site is among the most significant archaeological sites in our country.

An archaeological relic

Declared a  National Historical Monument , this reserve — of some 3000 hectares of extension— allows you to know the footprint of our ancestors through countless reddish sandstone paths and stone walls, where great vegetation predominates. In turn, you can visit the rooms of the  Archaeological Museum , where arrowtips, mortars, conanas and other objects from the pre-Hispanic era are exhibited.

The most characteristic of  Cerro Colorado , are the figures of warriors composing scenes that undoubtedly reflect real facts. These warriors are easily identifiable by their complex headdress, which falls from head to toe, and by bow and arrows carrying by the hand. Its naturalist sketches are executed in a simple and synthetic way.

The presence of figures in the grottos transcended from a journalistic article, in the newspaper La Nación, by the poet  Leopoldo Lugones . He arrived in Cerro Colorado following the narrations of his brother who had visited two of the caves located at the foot of the hill.

At that time, 1902, some paintings and engravings had already been discovered in France and Spain, so that these discoveries in Cordoba represented a high scientific interest that Lugones intended to convey to his readers. On a second trip, our author walked eaves from  La Casa del Sol  and  Cerro Colorado  . He also copied by freehand some drawings that were the first published, along with their descriptions

Cerro Colorado Archaeological Museum

In this museum you can observe the history of the life of the ancient inhabitants of the region. There are materials that helped them survive and also utensils used by the  Comechingones  and the  Sanavirones  to perform the pictographs. Also, informative posters are exhibited about these habits of yesteryear. You can see arrows tips, mortars and many other objects from the pre-Hispanic era.

Museum of Atahualpa Yupanqui

 Agua Escondida  is the name of the house in the songwriter Héctor Roberto Chavero  , better known as Atahualpa Yupanqui  . Don Ata used this place as a refuge after his travels around the world. There he rested and composed many of his works.

In the house museum, a few meters from the main square, you can appreciate many of his personal belongings such as his guitar, scores, a painting autographed by Quinquela Martín, clothing, epistles and photographs with many nationally and internationally recognized artists who have met him and with whom he shared stage.


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