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The latest trend in tourism: 3 eco-friendly hotels to visit in South America

The latest trend in tourism: 3 eco-friendly hotels to visit in South America

Hotels that prioritize sustainability offer a more authentic experience for tourism.

February 10, 2021

The conscience for ecology and for the care of the environment and the whole planet in general is something that grows and is accentuated over the years. The areas reached are increasingly wide, and one of them is that of the hotel industry. On this occasion, we show you 3 ecological hotels in South America that you should not miss for the world.


It is also the latest trend in tourism worldwide. From everyday places within everyone's reach to hotels in the middle of the jungle, the possibilities are so many that it is possible to find options for all tastes. Would you dare to meet them and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature?

3 ecological hotels to visit in Latin America

CasArtero (Argentina)

Located in San Rafael, Mendoza, this "eco inn" has a sustainability certification that serves as a sign of the commitment that there is with the environment and the care of natural resources.

As they affirm in their Instagram account, they apply “sustainability to the hotel business in a responsible and committed way”.

In addition to all the beauties of the place, one of CasArtero's greatest attractions is its completely recycled and reused accommodation spaces.

Elqui Domos (Chile)

Located in Pisco Elqui, in the heart of the Andes Mountains and at the height of Coquimbo, this ecological hotel is a true wonder that leaves everyone who visits speechless.

In this case, the concept of nature goes much further, since outer space is also covered. It is neither more nor less than the ideal hotel for fans of astronomy.

Everything revolves around observing the sky, although there are also activities to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the mountain. Some of them are trekking, mountain biking and skiing.

Tambo del Inka (Perú)

In terms of ecology, it is one of the greatest symbols of South America, since it is the first hotel to obtain LEED certification.

In addition to having its own water treatment plant, this hotel offers an incredible gastronomic experience. The key is in its restaurant, which makes the typical dishes of the region and the country using organic products, mostly homegrown.

Where are you? In the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in Uramba, Peru, near the Cusco region. The protection of the Andes and the energy of the Valley make Tambo del Inka a perfect space to connect the inner being with the magnitude of nature.


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