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10 hidden beaches in Argentine Patagonia that will make you fall in love this summer 2021

10 hidden beaches in Argentine Patagonia that will make you fall in love this summer 2021

Between the Andean mountains, the best beaches with turquoise waters and white sand are hidden around unique vegetation: the exact location of paradise.

December 30, 2020

If there is anything that this pandemic did with tourists, it was to encourage them. Because in the absence of travel, people want nothing more than to dream of returning to the routes and airports.

With the flexibilities and openings that were gradually communicated in Argentina, the possibility of traveling in the summer of 2021 is specified (in some provinces and with the particular protocols that each one establishes).

Due to the high temperatures forecast for summer 2021, the hidden beaches are the best option. Many people still choose to continue taking care of themselves and respecting their distance, so less crowded destinations become a great alternative.

Yuco, a hidden gem in the Andes

On Lake Lácar, just 25 kilometers from San Martín de los Andes, in the province of Neuquén are its clean emerald green waters surrounded by a unique forest full of myrtles and other typical trees of the area.

The beach is a hidden gem of the Lanín National Park, and is on the way to the Hua Hum International Pass. Between a couple of bays it boasts its white sand in the sunlight and its crystalline waters reveal the stony bottom of the lake.

It has an area of ??benches with outdoor tables for lunch and is usually a resting place for those who undertake the Las Corinas trail, which crosses the forest and constitutes a walk full of waterfalls bordering the lake.

Las Conchillas, Punta Perdices and Las Grutas: "the Patagonian Caribbean"

These three beaches are known as the Patagonian Caribbean for their turquoise waters. They are in the province of Río Negro and extend to the west of the Matías Gulf, on the Punta Verde peninsula.

The first, as its name indicates, is characterized by being full of "shells". There, in summer you can find restaurants on the beach with armchairs overlooking the sea for lunch or a drink in the afternoon.

Punta Perdices and Las Conchillas are located less than 6 kilometers from each other and constitute a walk for lovers of exploration and adventure.

About 60 kilometers away is Las Grutas, a beach highlighted in 2018 as the best beach in Argentina according to FlightNetwork and one of the best 50 in South America.

Being a fishing area, it is characterized by the fresh and maritime gastronomic delicacies that it offers on the go, in inns on the coast.

Piedras Coloradas beach: a natural whim

Also known as Red Rocks, it is located on the opposite side of the Golfo San Matías, 4 kilometers from Las Grutas.

Although it is not very crowded, it is the only beach with all the services that includes cabins, umbrella rentals and full restaurants with ocean views. As its name says, when exploring the beaches you will find an incredible natural floor of red rocks that have energetic properties and seem like a whim between the sea and the toasted sand of the beaches.

The extension of the place is its attraction and the adventure of touring it is the most interesting of this proposal.

Bahia Creek: Sea Lions and Migratory Birds in Río Negro

Also in the province of Río Negro, but to the north, is the extensive Bahía Creek beach with 28 kilometers of coastline.

Rolling dunes and cliffs are the landscape that characterizes it. Barely 100 people live in the town that bears the same name as the beach.

Sea lions and migratory birds are one of the main attractions of the few tourists who come to the place, hidden like a treasure.

In this section, the beach has an ideal climate as it is protected from the Patagonian winds due to its geography. At high tide, the place is suitable for paragliding, or sandboarding from towering dunes overlooking the immense blue waters.

Villa Pehuenia: one beach, all the landscapes in Neuquén

Villa Pehuenia beach is at the foot of the Patagonian Andes, in the Neuquén province, in the Aluminé department, in the center west. It is 310 km from the capital in the direction of the Andes Mountains and to get there you will have to first reach the town of Zapala and from there take Route 13, Route 23 or Route 46.

The landscape is a whimsical mix of hills, cliffs, bays and an infinite combination of natural horizons to explore. In the center of the peninsula, Golfo Azul, most of the recreational activities are conglomerated, but it is usually a good idea to tour the place by car and stop to discover its charms.

Lago Puelo and wellness tourism

The area of ??El Bolsón, El Hoyo, Lago Puelo and Epuyén is called the Andean Region of the 42nd parallel and a circuit of spa, alternative medicine, yoga and holistic therapies was formed around the paradisiac lakes surrounded by mountains.

Thus, a tourism dedicated to rest, meditation, relaxation and inner search arises to which nature invites with its incredible beaches such as Lago Puelo, one of the most turquoise in the whole of southern Argentina.

Playa Larga: Eden at the end of the world

In Ushuaia and in the middle of a provincial reserve on the coast of the Beagle Channel stands Playa Larga.

Within a conservation area for various archaeological discoveries that include art from ancient civilizations, it composes a natural amphitheater with an imposing view of the canal and the city of Ushuaia.

Although the temperature of the sea does not invite you to swim, in summer you enjoy resting on the warm sand and even grilling your own food on a set of benches, tables and grills a few meters from the shore.

Tolhuin: a hidden beach in the middle of the Cordillera

Ideal for fishing and photography, the shores of Lake Fagnano, near Tolhuin, Tierra del Fuego, appear as soft undulations of a beautiful and exuberant landscape, as natural and imposing as it is capricious due to its varied vegetation together with constant changes of soils, forests and mountains in their coloration, characteristics and appearance.

The flora and fauna watching from the beaches is not to be missed and, both on the shores of Laguna Negra and Lake Fagnano, you can camp, go trekking and get lost among the sand and vegetation of the incredible place.

It is also one of the first places in the world to obtain the Safe Travels seal, as a safe destination to visit during the pandemic, certified by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.


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